Fire Pit Grates – Adjustable Campfire Cooking Racks

Fire pit grates are an awesome way to enjoy home cooked meals while camping or hanging out in your back yard. They come in all shapes and sizes and are sure to bump any outdoor party up a notch. Let’s find out what to look for in a fire pit grate and discuss the different kinds.

Large Fire Pit Grates

Depending on the size of your fire pit, you may need to purchase a large fire pit grate. But large is relative, isn’t it? Before you jump to make any purchases, let’s evaluate the kind of fire pit you have and the size requirements.

Large Fire Pit Grate For CookingThe largest fire pit grate available clocks in at 40″. That title belongs to the ample Sunnydaze Steel Round Outdoor Fire Pit Wood Grate. But Sunnydaze has been in the fire pit cooking game for a while and knows that one size does not fit all. Their grates also come in sizes as low as 12″. This is important because no matter how large or small your fire pit is, Sunnydaze will have a grate to cover it.

Small Fire Pit Grates

Your fire pit may not be that small, but that’s okay! Many companies create accompanying fire pit grates for fire pits of all sizes. You may not be able to cook two dozen hot dogs as once, but you will be able to have an enjoyable evening and cook some of your favorite campfire foods.

Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill

This is more of a grill than a bonafide grate, but will serve your purposes well. If your fire is less than 12″ – 16″ across, this grill will have no problem providing ample space to cook a small amount of hot dogs, hamburgers, kebabs, or anything else you can think of.

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Fire Pit Grates For Cooking

Any fire pit grate will do just fine for cooking most campfire meals. But a word of caution: manufacturers agree that you should not put food directly on a fire pit grate to cook it. Instead, you should try to use dutch ovens, cast iron pans, or pots. This is due to the potential toxicity of the fire pit grate at high heat. We’re not claiming that cooking food directly on the bars of your fire pit grate will automatically make you sick. However, be mindful of the materials and chemicals used during production.

If you choose to ignore the warnings and cook directly on the bars, we at least recommend putting aluminum foil over them to provide a protective layer between your food and the fire pit grate.

Square Fire Pit Grates

So far we have only covered circular fire pit grates, or grates for fire pit rings. However, Weber also puts out a fire pit grate for use in square or rectangular fire pits. The Weber 7528 Stainless Steel Cooking Grate is a great choice. While I warned you about putting food directly on a fire pit grate above, you can ignore what I said for the Weber. The premium quality stainless steel is perfectly safe for burgers, hot dogs, or anything else you can throw at it.

Although these are primarily used for an accompanying Weber grill, they’re still perfectly usable for square fire pits!

Other Options For Fire Pit Cooking

Grates aren’t the only way to cook over an outdoor fire pit. There are roasters, spits, kebabs — there is even cooking equipment to help you cook open fire cornbread! I’d urge anyone reading this to go forth and find some awesome recipes to make this summer. And if you come up with anything neat, please share it in the comments.