The Absolute Best Bar-Height Fire Pit Table Sets

What’s the best way to enjoy a piping hot fire and drink refreshing cocktails at the same time? A bar-height fire pit table of course!

Standard fire pits are great, but require special placement, altered seating, and might require you to reshape your backyard or patio area entirely. If you are searching for a comfortable, practical way to enjoy the fire pit experience, we recommend you get a taller bar-height fire pit. Whether you are simply wanting to add unique flavor to your backyard area, or if you are a restaurant owner looking to spruce up an outdoor patio area into an upscale dining experience, we have compiled a list of the best bar-height fire pit table sets.

Honorable Mention

Before we get into it, I wanted to go ahead and detail the absolute best bar-height fire pit table set I could find. I have to warn you though — it’s pricey! I personally can’t afford it right now, but there may be some folks out there that can pay for the quality it brings.

If you’re like me and would prefer something a bit more cost-effective, don’t worry! I found some amazing alternatives below. You’re certain to find something you’ll click with.

Ashley Furniture Bar-Height Fire Pit Table Set

This Ashley Furniture bar-height fire pit table set is a pricey but fantastic addition to your patio or backyard. It’s ornate, luxurious, and already has 6 bar-height chairs for you to setup and enjoy. Check the current price here.

What to Look for in a Bar Height Fire Pit Table Set


The main criteria for this list was finding the perfect counter height table with a built-in fire pit. We researched specific height requirements that ensure the fire pit dining table is tall enough to comfortably sit around. Ultimately, we narrowed down the list of quality bar height fire pit table sets that would stand tall above regular fire pits, and also have ample room for a group to gather around the table.

Surface Area (for dining)

Gauging the surface area of a bar height fire pit table set is essential when making your decision. We aren’t simply looking for a tall fire pit, we are pinpointing the perfect counter height patio table with a fire pit included. What this means, is that we want your fire pit to also function as a dining table that you can comfortably eat around. This fulfills two purposes in one: the warming relaxation of a flickering outdoor fire pit, and a comfortable place for your family to gather around and dine together.

We found the perfect fire pit dining tables that provide ample room for plates, drinks, utensils, etc. With a fire pit embedded in the middle, a larger countertop surface area is a key deciding factor. Enjoy the warmth of the fire pit and have enough room to comfortably partake in a meal around it!


Durability is another key deciding factor in our list of the best bar height fire pit table sets. We recommend tables that are built to last during prolonged usage and various weather conditions. Our choices are composed of materials ranging from rust-proof aluminum to weather resistant stainless steel. We believe your fire pit dining table should stand the test of time and be a permanent fixture in your backyard area.


Lastly, we believe your bar height fire pit table set should look nice. Our main goal is to not only provide tall fire pit tables that function well and are sturdy, but to also provide sets that are aesthetically appealing. As both the central backyard dining table and fire pit, this piece of furniture will undoubtedly be used often. It is essential that the style is sleek, modern, and ties your backyard experience together.

If you are a restaurant or bar owner and trying to find the perfect outdoor patio dining sets with built in fire pits, these options are sure to impress your customers. These options are sure to transform your outdoor space into a visually pleasing and relaxing setting, perfect for dining (or drinking!).

Best Overall Bar-Height Fire Pit Table Set

After factoring in all of the criteria we just mentioned, we have narrowed our selection for the best bar height fire pit table sets. All of these offerings will certainly add unique and useful elements to your backyard. Your family and friends will certainly approve of any of these options, as they simply provide an awesome addition to your communal outdoor space. Any of these will be perfect for creating a soothing environment, perfect for entertainment or relaxation while enjoying your meal. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting around a dining table eating with loved ones, heated by the glow of a peaceful fire on your bar height fire pit table set.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Perrymount Outdoor Rectangular Fire Pit Bar Table

This sleek rectangular outdoor fire pit table will look perfect in any backyard, creating a lasting impression for anyone visitor. At 39.25 inches tall, it is the perfect bar height fire pit table set. Compliment this tall fire pit table with some matching bar stools and create a wonderful aesthetic for your backyard. Not to mention, this is one of the most cost-effective models we found.

At 72 inches long, and 42 inches wide, there is definitely enough surface area to accommodate the entire family. The gas fire pit is nestled snugly in the middle, so that you can enjoy watching the glowing flames while still having enough room for your plate.

The built-to-last dark brown aluminum frame ensures longevity. It is also perfectly equipped to handle all types of weather. This bar height fire pit table impressed us by how sturdy and durable it felt. It simply exudes quality, both from the strong materials, and the rock-solid design.

This counter height patio table with a fire pit is also available light brown and blue/beige. The contemporary design will bring your whole backyard together. This model is perfect for summer parties, or even winter nights, as the adjustable gas flame heats up pretty nicely. You can even roast hotdogs in the fire pit flame and eat them on the countertop in front of you! Assembly is required, and the manufacturer offers a warranty upon request.

With everything considered, this fire pit was definitely one of our favorites. It’s simply the perfect height, looks amazing, the fire pit functions wonderfully, and it is definitely top quality. This will be absolutely perfect for your backyard area.

Best Bar-Height Fire Pit Table Dining Set

Sometimes, you have to have a fire pit table dining set. And in that case, this is our #1 pick.

Traditions 7-Piece High-Dining Set in Tan with 30,000 BTU Fire Pit Table

This beautiful, ornate bar height fire pit table set is the complete package. It includes 6 cushioned swivel chairs that provide ample room for your loved ones. It will create the perfect outdoor dining experience, as the scrolling accents and golden-bronze finish create a wonderful aesthetic. Out of all of the tall counter height patio tables with built in fire pits that we have reviewed, this one looked the nicest. It will easily turn your backyard area into an area that you can be proud of.

At 3ft tall, this table has enough height off the ground to sit at comfortably. The thin firepit in the middle has a strong glow providing adequate heat for a relaxing dining experience. The 68.5-inch length of the table has enough surface area to where 6 can comfortably dine.

Not only does this bar height fire pit table set look amazing, the quality is unparalleled. The all-weather construction is composed of durable materials that are resistant to rust, water, and sun damage. Even the chair cushions are fitted with a fast-drying material, so you can be worry-free. The quality of this piece really stood out to us, as it definitely feels top-of-the-line.

Best Round Bar-Height Fire Pit Table

If you have a smaller space (or simply hate squares), you’ll want a round bar-height fire pit table. This is the best one we could find!

Outdoor Greatroom Colonial Pub Height Fire Pit Table, Mocha

This high-quality bar height fire pit table set is a little different than our previous recommendations. While the other options could double as dining table fire pit patio sets, this one is a cozier, more intimate bar height fire pit experience. You wouldn’t necessarily be able to gather the whole family around, but it creates a more serene environment, where you and a loved one or close friend can sit at the bar top and enjoy the warmth of the flickering flames.

Extremely durable, this countertop fire pit table set has a brown Supercast and fiberglass base to withstand the elements. The mocha Supercast concrete top looks extremely polished and nice. It also provides ample surface area to enjoy a drink or a meal around the fire pit.

The fire pit includes 10 pounds of diamond colored fire glass and a cover for the fire pit. The push-button ignite is a fantastic feature that gets the gas fire place roaring in an instant. While the base can store a 20lb propane take, there is also a converter for natural gas.

This is perfect for a fine-dining romantic experience, or a cool secluded spot with a close friend. It is a great fire pit pub table for drinking a beer on a cold autumn night, It will also definitely add some character to your backyard area. This is also perfect for an outdoor restaurant patio, as your customers will love this high-top fire pit table. Whatever usage you have in mind, we can’t recommend this colonial pub-height fire pit table enough!

The Best Table-Top Fire Pit

Bond Company 50660 14.4″ Table Fire Pit

If you already own a bar height table set without a built-in fire pit, you are still in luck. This simple mini fire pit accessory can easily transform your counter height patio table into an awesome bar height fire pit table set. It will add the warmth and utility of a fire pit and polish the aesthetic of your backyard.

The tank for the fire pit has to fit from below. An umbrella hole would be perfect to fit the propane tank through. The fire pit has a hookup for a 1lb tank, but it is compatible with a 1lb to 20lb adapter.

The design is sharp, as the rectangular steel basin looks modern, especially when paired with the included lava glass. The firepit quickly lights by a match or lighter, creating hours of relaxing warmth from the fire.

This is the perfect way to polish up your outdoor space and quickly modify your setup. Change your standard table area into a bar height fire pit table set with ease! Your family will love the new look and functionality of this durable tabletop fire pit accessory.


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