Building An Awesome Fire Pit Tool Set

Now that you have your fire pit, it’s time to consider putting together a comprehensive fire pit tool set. Being prepared around fire is important not only for the success of your gathering, but for the safety of your guests and loved ones. No man (or woman) should be caught without the appropriate tools for fire pits. But what kind of tools should you buy? Which fire pit tools will prepare you for any situation? We’ll explore the various options below and provide our expert recommendations.

Please note: this is only applicable to wood burning fire pits. If you have a gas fire pit, your needs are a lot simpler.

Fire Pit Tool Set – Tongs

Putting a log on the fire

If you only buy one thing to go in your fire pit tool set, make it a good set of fire pit tongs. Don’t be like the guys above — they’re using their bare hands to put another log on the fire. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with doing that, your skin will thank you for offloading the task to a pair of good fire pit tongs. Instead of gripping the logs with your fingers, you can use the sturdy cast-iron tongs to handle most of the work. You’ll still have to put in the muscle, but your hands won’t pay the price!

Since this is an outdoor fire pit and not a fire place, you’ll want something sturdy. We recommend the Sunnydaze Decor 40″ Log Claw Grabber. This fire pit log grabber boasts a 40″ length but weights a slight 2.5 lbs. Able to lift logs as much as 16″ in diameter, it is also adept at moving other kinds of foliage/brush. Although not cast iron, this log grabber is made of pure steel and will be able to handle most anything you throw at it.

Fire Pit Tools - Tongs

Sunnydaze Log Claw Grabber

Fire Pit Tool Set – Pokers

Although less important than fire pit tongs, fire pit pokers are another important tool in your potential repertoire. If you want to keep the fire going throughout the night, using a good poker will ensure that the hot coals get enough air to keep burning brightly. And you know what they say: “hot coals are happy coals.”

Much like the fire pit tongs above, our needs will be different here than with conventional fireplace pokers. There are a few things we’re looking for in particular.

  • We need a long fire pit poker. There’s no sense in getting closer to a hot fire pit than we absolutely have to.
  • We need a fire pit poker made out of strong materials. Logs can get extraordinarily heavy! Our poker can’t break if a huge “all-nighter” falls on it.
  • Our fire pit poker needs a knuckle guard. Nothing can put a damper on an evening faster than burnt / busted fingers.

With the criteria above, our top option is the Heritage Products Heavy Duty Fire Poker.

Heavy Duty Fire Pit Poker

Heritage Products Heavy Duty Fire Poker

At up to 36″ long, we won’t need to get closer to the flame than we absolutely have to. It’s also a single piece construction made out of 1/2″ steel. This Heritage Products creation is strong enough to have most logs fall on it and keep on working strong.

Fire Pit Tool Set – Log Carriers

Wood carriers are the unsung heroes of the fire pit tool set world. We all want our fire pits to burn long into the night. To make that happen, we have to have a steady supply of fuel. Carrying logs back and forth constantly can not only be tiring, but will take you out of the action of your gathering. You owe it to yourself and your guests to buy a top quality log carrier.

Ideally, we want our log carrier to have the following features:

  • An ergonomic design to protect our hands.
  • Sturdy construction, ensuring this will be the only fire pit log carrier we’ll need to buy for years.
  • Visually appealing. You don’t want to look like a dope with a big load of fire wood.

Although there are many log carriers available, we’re quite fond of the Grillnator Ultimate Firewood Log Carrier.

Grillnator Log Carrier

Grillnator Ultimate Firewood Log Carrier

Not only does this log carrier look awesome, but it meets every bullet point we laid out above. Its ergonomic design protects your hands and your back while the PVC fused canvas ensures that it can survive the wear and tear of use.


Are there any mainstays I missed from my fire pit tool set? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!