Brilliant Fire Color Changers For Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Ever since the discovery of fire by our early ancestors during the Lower Paleolithic era, we have embraced the communal ritual of sitting around the flames, warming ourselves and using the glowing orange embers as a light source. In the last 1.6 million years, not a lot has changed. We now have fire pits to better control the flames and house them neatly in our backyards. We also have tools to easily start fires, like lighter fluid, starter logs, etc. (sure beats waiting on stray lightning strikes!). But other than a few amenities that make things easier, the core aspect of sitting around the fire has roughly stayed the same… until now! With fire color changers, you can spruce up any summer evening.

Changing the color of your fire pit flames is the perfect way to add a modern and fun touch to sitting around your wood burning fire pit. Color changing flames provide a satisfying, long-lasting vibe that reshapes the entire experience of your fire pit. New hues of purple, green, and blue flames enhance the relaxation and the experience. Transform the routine into something fresh and new that will impress the neighbors or amaze the kids!

How Do Fire Color Changers Work?

Changing the color of your fire pit flames is a very simple procedure that doesn’t require a lot of work. Different companies manufacture packets that are composed of various chemicals (that are safe to be around), which will alter the colors of the fire. These packets simply need to be added on top of the regular firewood for the magic to begin.

What are Fire Color Changers Made Of?

Fire changing packets that are made for your fire pit are composed of different chemicals that create a reaction that changes the color of the fire. Natural salts are commonly used for the reaction, including sodium chloride, copper sulfate, strontium chloride, and copper chloride.

Are Fire Color Changers Safe for Me?

Whether you are a coven of witches performing a fireside ritual, or part of a boy scout troop sitting beside a summer campfire, changing the color of your fire pit flames is completely harmless. The chemical composition that causes the color change is tested and safe for humans to enjoy. Manufacturers do stress that you do not cook over the color changing flames. The additional chemicals are safe in a normal gathering around the fire, but it’s not a great idea to ingest food cooked from them.

Are Fire Color Changers Safe for My Fire Pit?

Not only are the color changing flames safe for you, they are also safe for your fire pit. The chemicals added to your fire will not impact the durability of your fire pit. The color changing packet will burn away, and the colors and condition of your fire pit will not be harmed. After the colors fade out from the flames, your fire pit will once again be traditional. No extra work is necessary to get it back to normal.

Fire Color Changer Recommendations

After some rigorous (and fun!) testing, we have decided on our favorite color altering packs for changing the color of your fire pit flames. Each one of these options is guaranteed to transform your standard fire pit into a vibrant, colorful experience that your whole family will enjoy.

Mystical Fire Flame Colorant Vibrant Long-Lasting Pulsating Flame Color Changer

Say goodbye to the oranges and reds of fire and alter the very course of the natural world! Enjoy a fresh experience of vibrant yellow and purple, and cooling green and blue colors in your flames. You simply have to drop a sealed packet on top of the wood in your fire pit (no gloves needed!). The safe and fun experience will begin instantly!

We recommend dropping around 3 of the packets into the fire. This will cause the experience to last for about 1-1.5 hours. You will be able to sit back and relax with the kids and watch as the colors change. Changing the color of your fire pit flames has never been so easy!

Color-Changing Fireplace Color Cones – 1 lb. Refill Bag

These color-changing cones are a more rustic, traditional aesthetic for changing the color of your fire pit flames. Simply toss a cone into your fire pit and watch the flames swirl from blue to green. While the manufacturer stress that these are perfect for the holidays, they can be enjoyed year-round. One cone lasts around 10-minutes, so the 1lb bag allows for both a lengthy show, or quick impression.

This set of color-changing cones feel a little more natural and are more soothing than the packets. With a splash of cool colors in your flames, this is the perfect way to create a relaxing setting. These are perfect for backyard fire pits and will be sure to entertain your guests.

Ultimate Flames – Pack of 25 – Magic Flames

This safe fire colorant is one of the best methods for changing the color of your fire pit flames. Adults and kids alike will love watching the swirl of blue, green, and purple throughout the fire. Simple and safe to use, you simply toss a packet on top of the wood in your fire pit.

We really loved using these packets, because the color intensity was very high. We recommend tossing in two or three packets to get around two hours of color in your flames. The swirl of cool hues in the fire create a very relaxing starry night. Your child will light up with wonder as the watch the different colors weave throughout the flames in your fire pit. We can’t recommend this experience enough, because it will create a special moment your family will remember.

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