The Complete Fire Pit Cleaning Guide

Cleaning a fire pit is a tricky process. Fire pits require maintenance and care to ensure longevity for both aesthetic and functionality. We are here to teach you how to clean out a fire pit so that it lasts for multiple seasons. We have compiled a list of the best products to make the job of cleaning your fire pit easier. Although it may require some additional tools and cleaning solutions, these suggestions will help you with the process.

The Fundamentals to Knowing How to Clean Out A Fire Pit

Cleaning out a fire pit differs based upon the type of fire pit that you have. The cleaning methods used for gas and wood burning fire pits are different. Gas fire pits usually require less maintenance, and cleaning solutions are usually all that are needed for the burn area. Wood burning fire pits require a little more care where ashes and remnants create more of a mess.

When learning how to clean out a fire pit, the material of your fire pit should also be considered. Stone fire pits and metal fire pits require slightly different cleaning approaches. Our suggestions for how to clean out a fire pit will encompass these variations and offer the best solution.

What to Do with Fire Pit Ashes

If you have a wood burning fire pit, you should learn what to do with fire pit ashes before cleaning. Fire pit ashes can smolder and remain hot, so we advise waiting until the day after use before you clean. To easily clean out the ashes from your fire pit, we highly recommend using something like this:

Panacea 15343 Ash Bucket with Shovel, Black

This metal-designed ash bucket comes with a shovel to make cleanup a breeze. You simply use the scoop that is included to remove the ash safely from your fire pit. The metallic bucket stores a considerable amount of ash and allows you to cleanly dispose of the debris. This is the perfect solution for what to do with fire pit ashes. After the ashes are removed, you can begin cleaning the fire pit itself.

Fire Pit Cleaning Products

When learning how to clean out a fire pit, choosing the right fire pit cleaning products can help tremendously. While cleaning solutions differ based on the type of fire pit that you have, a great brush will help you no matter what your setup is. We recommend a heavy-duty brush that can get the job done.

Unger Professional HydroPower Bi-Level Scrub Brush, 10″

This 10” brush is perfect for scrubbing and cleaning the interior and exterior of your fire pit. With stiff bristles that can tackle grime and debris, this will help you clean with ease. Add the solution that works best for your type of fire pit and polish it up nicely. The non-scratch bristles will also help keep your fire pit looking nice after an intense cleaning session.

Cleaning Solution for Metal Fire Pits

If you have a metal fire pit, whether wood-burning or gas, we have the perfect cleaning solution for you. Super washing soda will turn a messy cleanup into an easy cleanup in a snap.

Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda, 55 oz (Pack of 2)

This super washing soda is one of the best fire pit cleaning products out there. A mixture of ¼ washing soda and 1 gallon of water will make cleanup a breeze for your metal material. Not only does this work perfect for the inside basin of your metallic fire pit, washing soda can also clean the fire pit spark screen. Super washing soda is great for any metallic surface on your fire pit. It can make it look like new in no time.

Cleaning Solution for Stone Fire Pits

If you have a stone fire pit, we recommend a different fire pit cleaning product. If you are learning how to clean out a fire pit, you might be surprised to see that dishwashing soap works great for stone fire pits!

PACK OF 3 – Dawn Original Liquid Dishwashing Detergent, 38 fl oz

A mixture of ½ cup of grease fighting dish soap and 2 gallons of water will create the perfect cleaning solution. The stone of your fire pit’s interior and exterior will clean up nicely with this solution and look like new. With the Dawn grease-fighting formula, our fire pit cleaned up very nicely, proving this is a powerful fire pit cleaning product.

Cleaning Soot off Fire Pit Glass

For a lot of gas fire pits, fire pit glass may be an additional element to consider cleaning. Some gas fire pits contain glass covers, others contain glass stones around the burner. Both forms of glass on your firepit can acquire soot and debris buildup from regular use. Luckily, we have already covered the perfect cleaning solution in the previous section.

The Dawn Original Liquid Dishwashing Detergent that cleans stone fire pits is also perfect for cleaning fire pit glass. Cleaning soot off fire pit glass has never been easier. If you have glass fire pit stones, we also recommend having a good quality strainer. Poor the glass fire pit stones into the strainer, and then pour some of the dish washing detergent on top. Next, pour water over the stones + dish washing liquid from a faucet. Wear protective gloves and mix the stones around in the strainer to rinse the soap on the stones. This should get your glass fire pit stones looking like new.

Cleaning soot off fire pit glass covers is very similar. We recommend using a towel or sponge and pouring a little of the dishwashing detergent. Next, wet the towel or sponge, and wipe the glass to remove the soot and grime.After it is cleaned, take another damp towel to remove any leftover residue from the soot. This is the best suggestion for how to clean out a fire pit if it has a tempered glass cover.

Maintaining a Clean Fire Pit

We recommend preventative care to keep fire pit’s clean. Fire pit covers are simple methods for maintaining a clean unit once you have practiced our recommendations for how to clean out a fire pit.

Classic Accessories 55-552-010401-00 Round Fire Pit Cover, 30″, Black

Size and consideration should definitely be a factor when finding the perfect fire pit cover. You want to make sure that it fits your unit! A good fire pit cover will keep the exterior and interior clean when not in use. We definitely recommend this for anyone just learning how to clean out a fire pit.

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