Finding The Best Fire Piston To Buy

So you’ve heard of this neat little device called a fire piston and have been wondering “What is the best fire piston to buy?” I don’t blame you — when I first saw what a fire piston was capable of, I immediately fired up Google and tried to find as much information as I could about them. Stick with me and we’ll uncover which is the best fire piston to buy. But first, here are some frequently asked questions about fire pistons.

What Is A Fire Piston?

A fire piston is a device ancient in origin used to kindle (or start) fire. It is an excellent accessory to accompany your wood burning fire pit and will ensure that you’ll always have a method ignite a fire, even when you’re out of matches or your lighter is out of fuel.

Is A Fire Piston The Same Thing As A Fire Syringe?

Yes, fire pistons are often called fire syringes or “slam rod fire starters”. All of these names are correct and different people will call these handy devices different things. We’re going to use “fire piston” in this article, as it seems to be the most common.

How Do Fire Pistons Work?

Much like the pistons in your automobile, fire pistons consist of a cylinder with a gasket on one end. This is placed inside a larger cylinder, bored out to be just larger than the dimensions of the smaller cylinder. In addition to gaskets, grease and string packing may be used to create the slippery air-tight seal. On one end of the cylinder, a handle is provided so the user can brace / slam the cylinder against a sturdy surface.

How Do I Use A Fire Piston?

How Hot Do Fire Pistons Get?

Interior temperatures for fire pistons can get as hot as 400 degrees F (260 degrees C). This temperature comfortably ignites tinder and provides an impressive flash / noise. The fire piston leaves burning embers you can tend to create a flame.

Which Fire Piston Should I Buy?

The answer to this question relies entirely on what fire piston material you want to purchase. There are many different types, and we’ve narrowed down the best options from each material below.

Best Wood Fire Piston

 Campfirepiston Hickory Fire PistonCampfire Piston - Hickory

Our pick for the best wood fire piston is the “Campfirepiston” (weird name I know, but great product!) Hickory Fire Piston. Made right here in the USA, this fire piston has great construction quality and is reasonably priced. It is often found for less than $30, making it a very affordable option.

The kit itself comes with char cloth, so you’ll be able to start practicing as soon as you open the box.

Best Aluminum / Metal Fire Piston

Numyth Vulcan Fire Piston V2

Best Aluminum Fire Piston

Our pick for the best metal/aluminum fire piston is made by a company called Numyth.

This model uses light-weight aircraft aluminum to remain durable yet attractive. They have managed to improve on the existing fire pistons on the market (as well as their previous design) to create something both utilitarian and beautiful.

V2 includes additional machining on the body of the tube to provide a better grip. Additionally, they now offer a burnt orange model.

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