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The Ultimate Guide to Fire Pit Grates

I’ll go ahead and say it — fire pit grates add brand new life to your fire pit setup. If you’ve already set your aesthetic up the way you’d like, they allow you to expand how you use your fire pit in a meaningful way. A bottom grate allows you to easily start your fire, while a cooking grate enables you to enjoy a home cooked meal while hanging out in your back yard (or even camping). Not only do...
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Are There Any Solo Stove Alternatives? We Found Three!

I absolutely love the . Let’s face it, it’s reputation is legendary and it completely redefined the portable wood burning fire pit industry (if you somehow found yourself on this page by accident, you can check out our other wood burning fire pits). Not to mention, the smokeless design and sleek space-age chassis are both brilliant and gorgeous. But like many of you, I don’t want to have to shell out three bills for yet another fire pit. So I started...
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The Absolute Best Bar-Height Fire Pit Table Sets

What’s the best way to enjoy a piping hot fire and drink refreshing cocktails at the same time? A bar-height fire pit table of course! Standard fire pits are great, but require special placement, altered seating, and might require you to reshape your backyard or patio area entirely. If you are searching for a comfortable, practical way to enjoy the fire pit experience, we recommend you get a taller bar-height fire pit. Whether you are simply wanting to add unique...
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Amazing Outdoor Fire Pits You Can Cook On!

An outdoor fire pit is a must-have addition for any backyard. There is nothing more relaxing than gathering around a safe, contained fire in the company of your friends or family. While the warmth from the fire is perfect for social gatherings, your fire pit can be used for much more! You can expand the functionality of your fire pit by making it the perfect cooking utility. Cooking with your fire pit provides a rustic satisfaction that is completely different...
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Buying a Replacement Fire Pit Spark Screen in 2023

If you’re like me, you appreciate the relaxation that sitting around a fire pit offers. Stray sparks can offset that peace of mind and turn your evening into a fiery mishap, causing injury (or worse!). Luckily, most new fire pits come equipped with fire pit spark screens, but oftentimes these are not as durable as the fire pits themselves. If you’re a wood-burning fire pit enthusiast like I am, you’ve went through the pain of losing your spark screen. Luckily,...
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Best Portable Fire Pits On Wheels in 2023

The main reason why you’d want to buy portable fire pits on wheels versus your standard fire pit is the desire for fire pit mobility. This can be due to many factors. You may have to often clean the area where your fire pit sits and are tired of dragging it across your patio. Maybe you have kiddos that play nearby but don’t want to risk the chance of them getting into the dirty soot and ash. Regardless of the...
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Finding The Best Fire Piston To Buy

So you’ve heard of this neat little device called a fire piston and have been wondering “What is the best fire piston to buy?” I don’t blame you — when I first saw what a fire piston was capable of, I immediately fired up Google and tried to find as much information as I could about them. Stick with me and we’ll uncover which is the best fire piston to buy. But first, here are some frequently asked questions about...
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Best Indoor Tabletop Fire Pits

Indoor tabletop fire pits are a great option for people with a tight budget, a small outdoor space, or an aversion to maintenance / clean-up. These mini fire pits are designed to provide great ambience and aesthetics to any outdoor table. Although we can’t vouch for their safety, many people also use them as indoor tabletop fireplaces. Want to find the best tabletop fire pits on the market? Keep reading and we’ll get you informed quickly.