Where To Buy A Weber 2726 Fire Pit

So you want to know where to buy a Weber 2726 fire pit? Join the club! Since this fire pit was discontinued years ago, many people have raved about this iconic patio fireplace. Unfortunately, online retailers have been out of stock for years. You’ll be hard pressed to find it on Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Hayneedle, or any of the others. But that doesn’t mean you should stop looking.

Like many Weber products, it isn’t the most flashy but cannot be beat in terms of design and construction materials. Here are just a few reasons why this outdoor fire pit is so sought over.

Weber 2726

Reasons to Look For A Weber 2726

  1. It has a fantastic lid that helps direct the heat downwards (toward your seated guests) rather than rise into the air.
  2. It’s very easy to assemble! Many folks report that it only takes 30 minutes before you have a fire pit ready to start burning wood.
  3. You can easily cook on the Weber 2726. Although Weber says not to use a fire pit cooking grate, many people have used it to cook outdoor meals quickly and easily. Be careful not to get the flame too hot if you choose to do this.
  4. Like most Weber products, it is built to stand the test of time. The enamel stands up to the elements and even if left uncovered, it can last many, many seasons.
  5. This model has great fire suppression. It takes only minutes to put out the flame.

Reasons to Avoid A Weber 2726

This list is much shorter than the above. I personally love Weber products, so I had to look pretty hard to find any faults. That being said, there are some areas where it can be improved.

  1. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing outdoor fireplace. Like the brand’s other products, the Weber 2726 is a no-frills kind of fire pit. But lets be honest — you’re buying it for that big beautiful fire.
  2. It omits key features to keep the price low. Although we can’t complain about a low price, there is no mesh screen included. Additionally, if you want to cook on it you’ll have to provide your own grate or any other fire pit cooking accessories.

Weber 2726

Alternatives To A Weber 2726 Fire Pit

Although you can’t find this fire pit anymore, there are many others that are worth your time and money. We’ve picked the best ones that capture the aesthetics, functionality, and spirit of the Weber 2726.

Sunnydaze 34 Inch Large Steel Cauldron Fire Pit with Spark Screen

The Sunnydaze 34″ Large Steel Cauldron is a great alternative. Although it lacks the elevated cover of the Weber, it has similar aesthetics and comes with a great spark screen to keep your flames contained. Here is a small taste of the features.

Esschert Design BV11 Low Profile Firepit with Grate

The Esschert is also a great alternative to the Weber 2726. Much like the Weber, it lacks the flash of the Sunnydaze option and keeps a minimalist, low-profile aesthetic. It also comes with a durable grate, something the Weber cannot say.

  • Made out of durable cast iron.
  • Can be used as a fire pot or grill.

Because of the cast iron construction, you’ll need to keep it out of the weather or find a fire pit cover to protect it from the elements. You should also look at our guide for weatherproofing an outdoor fire pit!


There aren’t many options for where you can find a Weber 2726. However, many alternatives exist and with a little compromise you can have a great fire pit warming you in the winter months and providing a great patio centerpiece in the summer.

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  • Steve N says:

    My neighbor has one of these and they work great. Really directs the heat out to people sitting around it. I wanted to get one and found out they were discontinued years ago. So disappointed and the only options are the cheap ones that don’t last. Please write Weber and ask that they bring these back!

  • Rune Stig Mortensen says:

    Agree, dear Weber, bring these back!

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