Amazing Outdoor Fire Pits You Can Cook On!

An outdoor fire pit is a must-have addition for any backyard. There is nothing more relaxing than gathering around a safe, contained fire in the company of your friends or family. While the warmth from the fire is perfect for social gatherings, your fire pit can be used for much more! You can expand the functionality of your fire pit by making it the perfect cooking utility. Cooking with your fire pit provides a rustic satisfaction that is completely different from cooking on a standard grill. We have done the research to find the best (and easiest) ways to get you started. Here are some fire pits you can cook on.

What to Know About Cooking on Fire Pits

Before we begin, we want to provide a few facts that are essential to know before you find a fire pit you can cook on. While the cowboys make cooking on an open flame seem simple in old Western movies, fire pit cooking is a little more nuanced than that.  Here is a comprehensive list detailing some key points to know before cooking on your fire pit.


Although fire pits you can cook on are fantastic alternatives to standard propane and charcoal grills, some added precaution is necessary. An open flame (even when safely contained by the fire pit) requires a little more attention. Always have a bucket of fresh water nearby in case stray sparks ignite, or your flame grows too large. Make sure not to get too close to the flames while cooking. Lastly, do not grab any kind of metal directly that has been sitting in the fire.

Stock up on Accessories

Just like with a regular grill, you will need to make sure that you have the right tools to cook with. Fire pits you can cook on require lengthier tools, due to how the flames directly heating your food. We recommend some longer spatulas or tongs when cooking on the fire pit. A grill rack is also a handy way to cook marinated meats and heartier veggies. We’ve built an entire article on the best fire pit cooking accessories.

Perfecting the Wood

Choosing the right kind of wood is an extra step that you won’t consider when using propane or charcoal. Despite the added effort, it’s one of our favorite reasons for cooking with a fire pit. For backyard cooking, you can purchase different variation of wood from the store to enhance the flavor. Flavor customization is one of the best benefits for using a fire pit you can cook on, as mesquite or cherry wood will conjure unique tastes.

Using the right amount of firewood is also extremely important. You don’t want your flame to be too high and keep an easily controllable fire in the fire pit. There’s nothing worse than scorching your meat too quickly due to high heat intensity. Remember that cooking on an open flame is an enjoyable slower process than in a contained grill. The added flavor makes it all worthwhile.

What to Cook?

There are absolutely zero food limitations to using a fire pit you can cook on in comparison to a propane or a charcoal grill. The fire will heat the food up all the same, and with some practice, will make it taste much better. Not only will you feel like a cowboy when you flip your steak over an open flame, but you’ll definitely notice how the wood-enhanced flames will cook the meat to perfection. Vegetables, fish, poultry, beef, pork, etc. will all cook just fine.

Getting Started

We are here to help you figure out the perfect setup for using a fire pit to cook on. There are multiple styles and variations, and after testing out and using various options and methods, we have compiled a list of our favorites. There are different ways that you can use a cooking fire pit, so make sure to choose the method that is perfect for you. Here are our recommendations for fire pit/grill combos, attachments that that transform your fire pit cooking experience, and our favorite open fire pit cooking grill.

Fire Pit / Grill Combos

AmazonBasics 26-Inch Portable Folding Fire Pit

This simple little fire pit you can cook on made the list due to the sheer convenience of it. Whether you are relaxing in your back yard or camping in the woods, you need this fire pit! It has an easy setup that only takes minutes and can easily be transported. It even comes with its own travel bag (I really can’t stress how convenient this is!). This extremely affordable option is high quality and sturdy, and never feels flimsy despite having collapsible folding legs.

This fire pit you can cook on comes with a dual cooking grate included, which provides useful cooking room. The grill grate is also completely removable, so that you can relax by the fire pit after you’re done eating. It even comes with a mesh spark guard so that you can gather around and with complete protection.

Catalina Creations Crossfire Fire Pit with Quick Removable Grill

This heavy-duty steel fire pit/grill combo is the perfect setup for any beginner that’s dipping their feet into the world of using a fire pit you can cook with. To start, it’s a nice quality, deep 29.5” fire pit. It works perfect as a fire pit to keep you and your loved ones warm. It includes the grill attachment, which can easily be added and removed. The safety ring on the fire pit also allows for transport, which is perfect for camping.

The deep basin allows you to add the perfect amount of wood for a savory grilling experience. It also has a spark screen, so your family can sit around the fire pit comfortable and safe without risking injury. This is perfect for turning cooking into relaxation as friends can hangout near the warmth while you cook. The grill grate that is included with this fire pit is large enough to cook for everyone. It’s easy removal also makes cleaning a breeze!

Fire Pits with Rotisserie Attachments

Rancher Fire Pit Charcoal Grill with Rotisserie, 31-Inch

If you would like to go a step above and beyond a standard grill grate when deciding the perfect fire pit you can cook on, this fire pit with rotisserie is perfect for you. The metallic black steel structure of this fire pit is sturdy, providing a high-quality build for a cooking fire pit. The handles on the side allow for easy mobility, which is convenient for special gatherings in your backyard. The heavy-duty fire bowl is the best around, having a 4mm thick basin that guarantees a long lifespan.

A double-nickel plated grill grate is included with this fire pit, but the appeal is the height-adjustable rotisserie rack. A swivel table and pot hanger are also included, which makes this fire pit a complete rotisserie cooking system. Enjoy the tender, unique slow-roasted flavor of a plump rotisserie chicken and allow the flames to cook to perfection. A drain pipe is also included so that you don’t have to worry about the grease.

This is a fun cooking fire pit, but also one that allows you to explore and improvise new creations. While rotisserie style chicken is the most common, any type of meat cooks wonderfully on a rotisserie. Pork, fish, lobster, turkey, duck, goose, etc. can all be cooked with that deliciously savor rotisserie flavor. This fire pit you can cook on is a fun (and delicious!) must-have for any backyard gathering.

Using an Open Fire Pit Cooking Grill

onlyfire Rectangle X-Marks Fire Pit Cooking Grate, 40-Inch

Also available in 32” and 44”

If you already have a fire pit that didn’t contain any cooking elements, you are definitely still in luck. There are a wide variety of accessories that you can obtain that can turn your regular backyard fire pit into a fire pit you can cook with! All you need is an open fire pit, and you are well on your way to enjoying a fire-pit cooked meal.

You can opt to find a grill grate that fits snugly in your fire pit, but it’s hard to pinpoint. Circular grates that fit snug have to be the exact circumference to fit properly. Sometimes the simplest option is best, which is why we recommend the Rectangle X-Marks Fire Pit Cooking Grate. This grate will fit right across your fire pit, and instantly transform it into a nice little grill. With durable metal construction, and high-temperature heat resistant paint, this cooking grate is of the highest quality.

The two handles on the sides allow you to maneuver the grill grate around the fire, which is perfect for cooking meat and veggies. After your food is cooked, you can let the grate cool and then use it as a serving tray. No assembly is required, making this a very easy way to get started!

Adjustable Camping Grill for Barbecues and Open Fires by Camerons Products

This open fire pit cooking grill accessory is another great way to transform your fire pit into a fire pit that can cook. Rather than resting the grate on the fire pit, this accessory sticks into the ground right next to it. The grill grate hovers above the open flame and allows for it to cook. With a 17.75” circumference and a 12lb hold-capacity, this sturdy grill accessory is able to cook for the whole family. 

The height adjustment is what drew us into this accessory, because it allows you to cook at your own pace. You can slow cook ears of corn above the fire, or quickly scorch hotdogs amidst the flames. No tools are required for assembly, and it can be put together in 3 simple steps. Portability was also a huge appeal, as it comes with a carrying case that it folds into.

This is the perfect accessory for quickly setting up when needed by your backyard fire pit, or conveniently bringing along for a camping trip. It is light-weight at 5.29lbs but feels extremely durable and sturdy. The grill grate can be removed and washed nicely for a quick cleanup. We highly recommend this accessory for anyone with a firepit that wants to start cooking!

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