Best Wood Burning Fire Pits

How To Tell Which Wood Burning Fire Pit Is Best?

There are a lot of wood burning fire pits out there and each manufacturer has their own spin on the basic design. Overall, you have to consider what features and specifications you want and need. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Fire Pit Safety

If you have young children or mischievous pets, you’ll want to make sure whatever wood burning fire pit you buy is safe for them to be around.


Unlike their gas counterparts, wood burning fire pits are typically only built with one material: steel. This is a good thing! Steel is one of the best metals to contain fire.


You want a fire pit that lasts. Although you’ll want to cover the wood burning fire pit when not in use, you should still find one that holds up to the elements. I’m of the opinion that when someone buys something, they should buy it for the long term. Wood burning fire pits are no different!


Taste is subjective of course and I’m of the mindset that form should follow function. But you’re purchasing this wood burning fire pit both for its utility and for how it will look on your deck, patio, or in your yard. Be sure to find something you and your family are going to like!

Our Top Wood Burning Fire Pit

This wouldn’t be much of an article without us telling you our top pick for wood burning fire pit. Unsurprisingly, it’s a name I’m sure you’ve heard before:

Solo Stove Bonfire - Patio Fire PitSolo Stove Bonfire

The Solo Stove Bonfire has been our favorite fire pit to use in our backyards. Since completing its Kickstarter campaign, it has skyrocketed to be one of the best selling wood burning fire pits on the market. This is in no small part to the top-notch craftsmanship, the portability, and the efficient burn it manages to achieve. If you’ve not been in the presence of fire pit excellence before, I suggest you find one soon!