Why Don’t You Have A Pool Fire Pit?

If there’s one thing for certain in summer time, it’s that fire pits and pools go together like peas and carrots. They are the quintessential summer pairing! If you have a pool but haven’t yet taken the plunge to buy it’s greatest accessory, listen up at these great reasons why you should purchase a pool-side fire pit.

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One More Reason For Pool-side Gatherings

Having your pool as the backdrop of your outdoor fire pit creates a magic atmosphere on cool summer evenings. The fire will reflect and dance off of the water. The chlorine and wood smoke somehow creates a soothing smell that will surely be memorable for years to come. Additionally, adding cooking utensils into the mix will allow you to have roasted marshmallows to greet you after a long day of swimming.

People also tend to gather around a fire — it’s in our DNA! Your parties will no longer be 5 separate groups of people all talking amongst themselves. With an outdoor fire pit by a pool, you’ll attract the whole party like moths to a light. People will get to know each other and everyone will have a smashing time.

Pool Fire Pit

Cold After A Swim? No Longer.

On the cooler, windy summer days getting out of the pool is one of the hardest things to do. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life that can’t be ignored. But wouldn’t it be nice to be greeted with an Adirondack chair next to warm, welcoming flames? This can be your reality with a pool-side outdoor fire pit.

Get More Use From Your Outdoor Area

Pools and fire pits don’t have to be used together all the time. But having both around your outdoor patio will give you twice as many reasons to use your outdoor space. In today’s office-working day and age, we stay locked indoors enough. It’s much better to have fresh air, a warm breeze, and the sound of the night.

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