DIY Fire Pit Highlight – Chad Fox

This week we’re going to highlight one awesome fabricator I’ve been following on Twitter for quite some time. Self-proclaimed Jeep enthusiast Chad Fox has been posting some amazing looking fire pits and was kind enough to let us feature them here. Chad is definitely a talented fabricator and we look forward to seeing more works of art come from him in the future. Without further ado, here are the fire pits!

American Flag / POW / MIA Fire Pit

This first fire pit by Chad Fox shows respect to both our national flag and the many veterans that were prisoners of war or missing in action. He’s done a fantastic job making these designs and you can really see the attention to detail.

American Flag Fire Pit

Here’s the above fire pit from the other side, where you can more easily see the homage to our missing/captured veterans.
POW MIA Fire Pit

Western / Religious Fire Pit

The message in this fire pit is very clear — we ride on faith. The scene shows two people kneeling before a cross with their horses close by. A truly beautiful work of art.

Western Fire Pit

I’m sure Chad will create even more fire pits in the future. When he does, we’ll be waiting to feature them here on Best Outdoor Fire Pits.

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