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Two Best Portable Fire Pits On Wheels in 2017

The main reason why you’d want to buy portable fire pits on wheels versus your standard fire pit is the desire for fire pit mobility. This can be due to many factors. You may have to often clean the area where your fire pit sits and are tired of dragging it across your patio. Maybe you have kiddos that play nearby but don’t want to risk the chance of them getting into the dirty soot and ash. Regardless of the...
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Finding The Best Fire Piston To Buy

So you’ve heard of this neat little device called a fire piston and have been wondering “What is the best fire piston to buy?” I don’t blame you — when I first saw what a fire piston was capable of, I immediately fired up Google and tried to find as much information as I could about them. Stick with me and we’ll uncover which is the best fire piston to buy. But first, here are some frequently asked questions about...
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Best Indoor Tabletop Fire Pits

Indoor tabletop fire pits are a great option for people with a tight budget, a small outdoor space, or an aversion to maintenance / clean-up. These mini fire pits are designed to provide great ambience and aesthetics to any outdoor table. Although we can’t vouch for their safety, many people also use them as indoor tabletop fireplaces. Want to find the best tabletop fire pits on the market? Keep reading and we’ll get you informed quickly.